Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get more information about your Grant Program?

Our website contains all of the information about our Grant Program, including an Online Grant Application. Please look over our website, and if you have any specific questions, please email us at

We DO NOT mail or email Grant Applications – you must print the application from our website.

2. Does my family qualify for a Grant?

We cannot answer that question without reviewing your application. Please look over the application and see if you can provide all of the necessary documentation that is required.

3. We are awaiting a referral (match). Can we still applY?

We do not issue grants to families who have not been matched with a child, nor do we issue grants to families who have matched with a birthmother who has not yet given birth. Please do not submit an application until you have a referral and the baby has been born.

4. Why don’t you give grants to families who are in the beginning stages (pre-referral)?

As a Board, we have decided to help families COMPLETE their adoptions. We consider the AAF Grant to be one of the “last pieces of the puzzle”.

5. Can single people apply?


6. How much is the typical grant?

Most grants are $1000, but they may vary depending upon the number of grants we receive and the availability of funds.

7. The deadline for this application period is in a few days and I am worried our application won’t get to you in time, should we overnight it?

We do not want you spending extra money to overnight your application to us! If the deadline is nearing and you don’t think it will make it on time, PLEASE send an email before you mail anything – to - to make arrangements.

8. Should we request a signature when mailing our application to you?

Please don’t. It can delay our receipt of your application when you require us to sign for it at the Post Office. Please make sure that you use enough postage. Applications that arrive without proper postage will be delayed and could possibly be returned. 

9. Do you accept applications from people living outside of the us?
No, we do not. 

10. DO YOU have funds to disburse grants?
We will only accept applications if we have the funds to issue grants.

Please do not contact us to ask if we will make an exception to any of our requirements. 

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