Financial Assistance

Our grant program offers financial assistance to families in the process of adopting. Grants will vary in amount, depending upon the current number of applicants, as well as the need of those applicants, but most range from $250 - $1000.


Grants will only be given to American families working with Accredited Adoption Agencies or licensed attorneys in the United States who have already been matched with a child. Sorry, but we do not make exceptions if your agency requires financial aid to be secured before you can be matched with a child. 

Helping families afford adoption since 2010.

APPLICATION PROCESS: The potential adoptive parent(s) will mail a completed application and supporting documents and nonrefundable $25 application fee (made payable to Affording Adoption Foundation) for review. Click the RED box to the right to download and print the application.

The Executive Board will review applications during an Application Period. If you are chosen to receive a grant, you will be notified as soon as a decision has been made. We will weigh the needs of the applicants, as well as the funds available when making this decision.

If you are not selected to receive a grant, you will receive an email from us. You may complete a Resubmission Request Form to be considered in future application periods. The fee to resubmit is $10.

Current Status, as of January 1, 2015: We are NOT accepting applications at this time.

Please do not submit applications until you see the next official application period posted here.

Any applications that are received will be shredded, due to privacy concerns.